A Simple Idea…

"I thought this would be a little project, something to play with-- -who knew it would lead to this!"

I am sure that is a common thought of many who started a simple project that, over time, gained a life of its own and took its creator on a journey they could not have imagined when they set out on day-one.

That is where I stand now- close to the beginning but already getting subtle whiffs of potential, promises of great discoveries and, to be honest, a bit of trepidation that I have given birth to a project that will grow by leaps and bounds before my eyes.
I am not sure where this experiment will take me. But what I do know is my project, A Year in the Park, just began and I am already swimming with ideas of what I want to learn, discover and share with you about Ault Park, plants and my life as a gardener.

I am a lover of all things garden. Now that I live in a condo, I need a place to play in the dirt. Lucky for me, Ault Park has formal garden plots available for adoption. I adopted three. As an adopt-a-plot gardener I get to design and install the gardens as I wish. The park provides water and mulch and the opportunity to garden in an historic landscape.

A few weeks ago I started playing with the idea of recording my trips to the park. I thought it would be a photo essay, but already, that line of thought has changed.

Each time I go to the park I find something new. How great is that? I will always love to travel and have the desire to see more. But it is comforting to know I can escape, time-after-time, to a small park just up the road from my house. Creates a nice balance in life, yes?



  1. Post some pictures with each post, don't forget ! Good luck, Gina

  2. Thanks, Gina for the advice! I added two pictures.