Evening at the Park

The evening was cool, the live music from the Big Bands and Bigger Beers event was a special treat and as always, there were a few park goers to chat with as I tended my plots. Once the last of the weeds were pulled, Darryl and I stashed the garden tools, his chair and book in the car and spent the remaining daylight strolling about the park.

I always get a kick this time of year walking through the park's garden designed and maintained by a talented Cincinnati florist. I call it the tall garden. It is not often that I can walk about a garden of herbaceous plants that are taller than I!


Some Time at the Pavilion

The only way to get a hint of the view that inspired Levi Ault, is to take a visit to the Pavilion, the crown jewel of Ault Park. The view from the Pavilion has changed dramatically since Mr. Ault first laid eyes upon the vista.



Then and Now

Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Park Board Archives. No date given.

Photos taken, Aug. 2010


 A Year in the Park is dedicated to the land described by Levi Ault in 1905 as, “A million dollar view worthy of a structure of no lesser beauty than the Parthenon.” Ault Park is Cincinnati’s fourth largest park, covering over 220 acres of fields, lawns, gardens, a pavilion, playgrounds, woodland trails and breathtaking views. Join me as I spend a year exploring the park, documenting the flora and fauna and learning about its history and the people who made it what it is today.