No one told the gardens it was the end of summer..

Many of the Adopt-a-Plot gardens still look fabulous. Perhaps it is the constant watering, the endless compliments they receive or the attention from their dedicated gardeners who are not quite ready for the season to end, myself included, that has them thriving.

One of the perks of this little project, A Year in the Park, is spending time in the park just looking, simply experiencing the gardens and grounds. Usually I tend to my gardens, chat with a few visitors and head home. Now, I am heading up to the park with only my camera in hand. Could it be that I am learning, finally, to stop and smell the roses? Nahhh!! My garden tools are always close by, you know, in case of a garden ER.

Here are a few of the Adopt-a-Plot gardens.....

Heavenly Hues

                                                                                          Avant Garden Resurrected

Drought Tolerant & Succulent Plants
Rock Garden


A Simple Idea…

"I thought this would be a little project, something to play with-- -who knew it would lead to this!"

I am sure that is a common thought of many who started a simple project that, over time, gained a life of its own and took its creator on a journey they could not have imagined when they set out on day-one.

That is where I stand now- close to the beginning but already getting subtle whiffs of potential, promises of great discoveries and, to be honest, a bit of trepidation that I have given birth to a project that will grow by leaps and bounds before my eyes.
I am not sure where this experiment will take me. But what I do know is my project, A Year in the Park, just began and I am already swimming with ideas of what I want to learn, discover and share with you about Ault Park, plants and my life as a gardener.

I am a lover of all things garden. Now that I live in a condo, I need a place to play in the dirt. Lucky for me, Ault Park has formal garden plots available for adoption. I adopted three. As an adopt-a-plot gardener I get to design and install the gardens as I wish. The park provides water and mulch and the opportunity to garden in an historic landscape.

A few weeks ago I started playing with the idea of recording my trips to the park. I thought it would be a photo essay, but already, that line of thought has changed.

Each time I go to the park I find something new. How great is that? I will always love to travel and have the desire to see more. But it is comforting to know I can escape, time-after-time, to a small park just up the road from my house. Creates a nice balance in life, yes?



Hanging onto Summer

Tried to stay away from my Ault Park gardens last night, and focus on the park’s ‘trees for your yard’ collection, but failed miserably. Surprisingly, the one garden still has a lot of blooms. Perhaps I will not have to close up that shop until the weekend… hanging onto summer as long as I can.


All is Quiet in the Secret Garden

There is usually a buzz of activity at the park. Cyclists, picnickers, young couples cuddling on blankets, joggers, walkers … but it is never crowded or distracting. The park has many open spaces and just as many quiet spaces; areas with views of gardens and lawns and cozy nooks where you feel like you are hidden in a secret garden.

This night the park is particularly quiet. As I pass under the Magnolia, making my way to the gardens, a lizard scampers by, too fast for me to take its picture, off to who knows where.

Honey bees drink from puddles in the lawn and white butterflies (or are they moths?) dance around blue and purple mint and lavender.

Perhaps it is the heat of the day, or students returning to their school activities, but the park is very still, very quiet. Not one passerby do I see, only a few young kids across the lawn. Beyond that, I have the gardens to myself.

I rather enjoy it. It is me, my garden hose and the quiet pitter-patter of fat water droplets bouncing on hostas, Ligularias and the Oak Leaf Hydrangea set to a background of songbirds and chirping humming birds.

I let the quiet of the park wash over me, erasing the last remnants of a day in an office.