The Newest Addition

The reason why I decided to create a Medieval garden is a bit scattered I admit. I know why I asked the park for more garden space- that is easy. You can never have too much space. Why I settled on a Medieval design is a bit more layered.

I knew I wanted to learn about a period of gardening that I did not know much about. I also wanted to work with older plants. I didn’t necessarily know if that meant heirloom or native plants, just more of an idea of plants with history. I was also inspired by my trip to The Cloisters in New York City.  
Anyone who knows me knows that once I get an idea, I have a hard time letting go. Lucky for me, an area in Ault Park, very close to two of my gardens was available. It was, at one time, part of the Adopt-a-Plot program but the owner of the garden can not be traced and it is obvious that the parcel has had little attention for quite a while.

Located at the end of the main lawn, on the upper level, my new little garden is a bit removed from the other Adopt-a-Plot gardens. It is a shady spot with benches to the front that face the main lawn and pavilion and the top of a stone retaining wall marking the back boundary. Its lack of irrigation will make watering a bit tricky.

I was hoping that I would be able to research and create a plan as part of my Landscape Design class at the University, but it appears that will not be an option. So, as time permits I will research plants and share with you which ones I hope to incorporate into the design.
Benches in front of the garden have a perfect view of the main lawn and pavilion.

Looking beyond the new garden. Within stone’s throw from Putting Down Roots I & II.

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