Before we dig in the soil, we dig into books!

As some of my garden friends know, I was ready to shop at the garden centers this week. Crazy! Mid-February in Cincinnati is a tad early. But one thing I can do is visit my garden plots at the park to get a feel for what made it through the winter and get a better feel of the new garden area for the forthcoming Medieval Garden. And of course, read more garden books!! (Yes, two exclamation points, I am that excited!)

This is about what I would do if I still had my own yard. I would head out in the morning, coffee in hand, and look for those first signs of life and note plants that needed to be evicted while creating a running list of plants that I may want to add to the garden plan.  What is different this year is I am planning a Medieval Garden. I thought it would be interesting to learn about a period of history and how people gardened in that time. I studied Medieval history for a while when I started college, more years ago than I want to admit. Needless to say, gardens and plants were not part of the class discussions. 

While the threat of snow still lingers, forecasted for next week- blahhhh-- I will read about Medieval plants, make my wish list and find the nurseries around me that carry said plants.


  1. You should put that wish list and nurseries that carry said plants up here on your blog. I have never researched Medieval plants much. Your findings would inspire me.

  2. I will be sharing which plants I want to use and their history. I will also write about medieval gardens and garden design elements. What I will have to do is take inspiration from the medieval gardens and find creative ways in incorporate the essence of the medieval garden into my new space at the park.. Stay tuned!!