Munch, munch, munch... bug style!

Last night, as I climbed the steps to my gardens at Ault Park, I was thinking how I would weed, water and then spend the rest of the night taking pictures. However, the gardens looked pretty good already and truth be told, I really wanted to spend more time taking pictures. I also had the lesson I learned at The Bloedel Reserve running through my mind; be calm, be quiet, be still. So, I switched gears, stashed my garden tools in a good hiding place and set off with the camera.  So glad I did!
I saw this bee, just hanging out in this Hibiscus. He wasn't collecting pollen, just  resting. He would fly out of the flower, do a few loops above my head then head back to the flower for a teeny, tiny catnap.  How nice, he was being calm and quiet!

But then I saw this!
The praying mantis must have caught this bee just moments before I found him. This is not the first time I saw a praying mantis, but it is the first time I was able to watch one polish off a bee. Apparently, being calm, quiet and still is not a good idea for bees!



Munch, munch ... yum!

I am so thankful I decided to relax and focus on one area of the garden!


  1. Thank you, Gail! ~~ Jenny

  2. just found this blog fantastic flowers and photos.....would you share your camera know hows with a newbe what kind of camera f stop shutter speed ?would love to photo my garden you have inspired me THANKS Vickie

  3. Vickie -- I do not alter shutter speed, yet! I had my Nikon 3100 set on the flower mode... I do need to learn more about this fine camera, imagine how the photos would look then!! Jenny