Picture of the Day

Things were buzzing at the park (groan). This cherry tree was thick with honeybees.


Once the Magnolia Bloom High Set in ...

I was able to focus on the other plants that were coming out from dormancy around the park. Along walks and under trees gardens, protected by winter fencing from grazing deer and careless park goers, were springing to life (pun intended - it has been along winter!).

Bold, upright yellow daffodils drew me in closer to the gardens and as I peered into the beds I saw that clumps of grasses, columbines, ginger and honestly many plants that were too young for me to identify, were quickly transforming the patches of bare soil into an emerald carpet.

Once I started looking, I couldn't stop. What would be in the next bed? What was coming up in the shade garden and by the secret bench? Where my plants starting to peek their heads up too? The gardens had me in their spell, but I was easy bait. After months of cold, fleeting blue skies and studying the winter garden, which I enjoy, I was ready for a new garden companion- one with color, one that I could play with without wearing winter gloves, ear muffs and a scarf.

Ginger leaves reach up to the sky welcoming the sunny days to come. My Pulminaria's pastel colored flowers add understated charm. For many, the leaves of the plant can cause irritation; a small price to pay to have this beauty in the garden.      Lamb's Ears have always been a favorite of mine. So easy to grow, they spread nicely without being aggressive, are easy to divide and the color is quite attractive. My one pet peeve is when they are left to bloom. The leggy, messy flower stalks are raggedy and an eye soar in my opinion. I keep mine cut low to the ground, making them ideal for lining a path or edging a garden.