Heat Drives me to the Shade

After working on the gardens for a while the heat finally won and I was forced to pack up the garden gear and call it quits for the day. I had my camera on hand so after stashing my garden tools out of sight, I headed to the other side of the park to see how the self-seeding focal garden was fairing.
Due to budget cuts, the park was not able to plant the focal garden this year and the decision was made to allow the garden to grow on its own. It is interesting to see what has self-seeded from last year. The garden is not nearly as lush and attractive as in the past, and park goers often ask me why the garden looks 'weedy.' I hope that when the see what can happen the first year of a budget cut, residents will become proactive. 
A spider starts to make a meal of a victim caught in its web.
Whether they decide to donate funds to the park, offer to sponsor a garden or voice their concerns to the local government- I care not. I simply hope that the not so subtle changes in the park are noted and are enough to inspire action now and not three years after anemic funds take their toll on our beautiful park and we find ourselves back where we were in the 70's when the park was in disrepair, disrespectful and downright intimidating persons took over the park and parents forbid their children to come and play on the great lawns.

The thought of such change and the heat exhausted me so I headed to the shady areas looking for a bit of relief and a few views to lift my mood.
A border garden in the South Lawn near the arbor. In the late evening, shadows make observing this garden comfortable.

The view from the arbor bench.

A strikingly different view from the same bench. In the cool shade of the arbor, the heat of the open garden is even more noticeable. The entire lawn and gardens seem to have an orange tint. It even looks hot.


A Journey to the Other Side of the Park

Most of my time at Ault Park is spent in the Adopt-a-Plot area tending to my gardens. From time-to-time, when I am not too terribly dirty or there is still light left in the day, I do make it to the other garden area.

Unlike the Adopt-a-Plot gardens, this garden is one continuous garden. Working from the inside out you find a main lawn, a walkway, a garden on both sides running the length of the lawn, another sidewalk and another garden. The gardens are made of many native prairie plants and woodland plants. At one end of the lawn is an arbor and the opposite end, a focal garden.


The Marlene Holwadel Garden

 The Marlene Holwadel Garden
A generous bank of Shasta daisies in the focal garden.
Recently planted urn in the Adopt-a-Plot focal garden.
 At the other end of the Adopt-a-Plots lawn is the Brumm arboretum and garden; a favorite spot for wedding parties. It is a rare sight to see the arbor empty. Usually I see picnickers, couples having their engagement photos taken or a visitor spending  a quiet afternoon in the park with a book enjoying this pretty spot.
Gooseneck Loosestrife, Verbena bonariensis and Coneflowers in A Few of My Favorite Things.
Soft light from the setting sun brings the day to a close at Ault Park.