Many Hands Does a Great Garden Park Make

Quite often when I am working on the gardens at Ault Park someone will stop, inquire about the gardens and ask me how they can adopt a plot for themselves. This always makes me happy. Adopt-a-Plot gardeners come and go for any number of reasons so we are always ready to welcome a new gardener to fill the void. Unfortunately, after sharing our few simple rules, such as weed a least once every two weeks (is that really that hard?) and giving them my card, I never hear back from them. I am sure this is for the best.

I can understand being excited about a new project and then getting home and realizing that there just isn't the time for one more project.

Luckily, a new gardener skated into the adopt-a-plot family! Jennifer was taking in the park on her roller blades when we started talking about the park, the gardens and how she had once had a large garden and missed having a place to garden. The more we talked the more our stories sounded so much alike. I knew she would be happy at the park and was hoping she would be the one to call or send an email to make the official ask for a garden.

Long story short, Jennifer now has my first garden! I did fine with this little garden gem but it was always just fine. That is the second reason I am thrilled to have Jennifer at the park; the first being it is great fun running into her and hanging out together. She was able to see the garden with fresh eyes and with a simple rearrangement of the stones and flowers the garden is beyond charming. It is fresh, happy, and welcoming! 


Darkening Skies

I spend a lot of time with my head down when I am at the park. It is not sadness or despair, but a focus on the gardens, flowers and pollinators.
Today I looked up. The breeze was cool with a hint of the coming autumn season, and soft rumbles of thunder mingled with the laughter of children playing in the main lawn.