The Third Time is the Charm, Again!

Here goes! A Year in the Park is back- again.  A few years ago I decided to record one year spent at the park. All was going well until I became addicted to blogging and had four blogs up and running and everything else that life involves- work, house, gardening, garden groups, school... It was a bit much. Then I decided to merge A Year in the Park with The Garden Life, another garden blog I write. That works well but it could be better for A Year in the Park is just about the park and The Garden Life is about everything else garden related and that is rather vast.

This is not the first time I gave something a try for the third time. I was enrolled in the Master Gardening program twice and huge life events prevented me from seeing the class to conclusion. But the third time I enrolled I had a wonderful time, the idea of the Landless Gardener was hatched and now I am working on my required volunteer hours and am a memeber of the Greater Cincinnati Master Gardening Association.

I know I would not be here, with this garden life if I had concluded my master gardening classes the first or second time. So I feel excited, like it is a good sign, that this is my third go at A Year in the Park.  I do hope you join me and keep me company; writing can be a lonely endeavour.

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