November is Still Autumn, Yes?

As I was going through my photos and transferring them to my external hard drive for safe keeping (my computer is showing signs of its advanced age, much like its owner) I came across these images from the park earlier this season.

Many of the leaves were still on the trees. The weeping cherries with their yellow foliage reminds me a stained glass windows.

The yellows, golds, faint greens and coppers of the woods reflected my mood that early morning when I walked along the path: a feeling of calm reflection and a sense of rebirth, a fresh new beginning that was to come after the mind, body and the woods had a chance to rest, replenish and rejuvenate.

The fall reminds me that we cannot always be going at full throttle. Sometimes we have to sit and just be still, sleep in a bit or wrap ourselves in extra throws to warm our weary muscles and bones. 

The fall is a quieter time for my mind as well. I am still writing in my head, as always, and thinking of new ideas and projects, but I also have this voice that reminds me to decompress and rest from time-to-time and just be.

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  1. I miss Ault Park! Seeing your beautiful pictures makes me feel like I am there again...