New Year Intentions as Taught by a Garden

Few visitors made their way around the walks and paths. The day was coming to an end, it was damp, cold and the sky felt low and ominous. Those that ventured forth walked with shoulders pulled up to their ears, cold hands thrust deeply into pockets and looked thoroughly turned inward to escape the chill and perhaps lost in thought.

This is the time of year when we take stock in what we have accomplished and what we failed to achieve. We set lofty expectations for ourselves and promise with deep sincerity and intent that this is the year we will ...

I have been down that path many times. As have you I am certain.  

The thing is, a new year does not make us a new person no more than it makes a garden brand new.  A garden will grow what we planted the past year such as perennials and bulbs and it will be bigger, taller but in essence it is the same garden.

A new garden doesn't magically appear, it it transformed, it is coaxed, it is tended to, planned for and nurtured year-round. It is watered and weeded in the summer and revised, mulched, protected from biting winter winds and given new plants in the early spring.

This year let's take a lesson from a garden we love. Remember all the time and attention that was given to that little plot of earth to make it remarkable and set an intention to spend as much time on ourselves, coaxing forth our greatness and forgiving ourselves when things don't go quite as planned.  Gardeners know, even the best planned garden has its hiccups, but we learn and live to garden anew. 


  1. Love your photos!! I found you on google, and am enjoying all you share!!

    1. Thank you , I am so glad you are enjoying your visit to my blog. Ault Park is a pretty amazing place to spend some time. Cheers!